While private jet charters in Toronto are becoming cheaper and popular, manufacturers and researchers all over the world are working towards building the future of commercial and private air travel. With the current pace of technology, it is only a matter of time till some of these future concepts come into reality, and replace the traditional flight experiences.

Some of these future concepts involves personalization of travel experiences, as well as proper allocation of space and resources. The following article shares some of the potential concepts that are currently under work and were showcased on the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany:

Standing Seats And Sleep Areas Could Be The Future Of Air Travel

Foldable, booster-style seats, self-cleaning toilets, and newly defined aircraft cabins are among some of the most interesting aircraft innovations that could take off in the near future.

Winners of the Crystal Cabin Awards were announced at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg Germany this week, which recognizes innovations in aircraft cabins across eight categories.

Here are some of the highlights:

Foldable, ‘booster’ seats

Rebel.Aero’sign for foldable seats similar to the ones found in movie theaters took the award for best Passenger Comfort Hardware this year. The concept is multi-pronged: Foldable seats enable passengers to stand in their own “footwell” space more comfortably and offers easier access to fellow seatmates. The result? Quicker boarding and turnaround times. Likewise, long-legged passengers can fold up part of the seat pan into a booster-style arrangement, giving them more leg room. The new standing seat configuration also allows passengers to straighten their legs and stretch their lower backs during short-haul flights.

Self-cleaning toilets

Boeing’s much buzzed-about “self-cleaning” toilet took the award in the category of Greener Cabin, Health, Safety and Environment for its slew of features, including a system that can disinfect the bathroom in three seconds and a hands-free experience. Ultraviolet lights are positioned to shine on surfaces like the toilet seat, sink and countertops once the occupant leaves the loo. Toilet seats are being designed to open and close automatically, while hands-free door latches and faucets are also in development.

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It is always exciting to keep track of new innovations, especially when it is something like air travel. Check out this video by Zodiac Aerospace that visualizes the potential foldable seats that we might see in the near future:

Zodiac Seats – LifeStyle