Imagine one cloud space with all the tools you need and all the little benefits added up from one cloud services provider to the rest of the world.

The news always has updates of this company coming together in agreement to share and expand their services to the world. We are going to dish out some of these strategic come-togethers and map out what would be one day if they eventually all came together.

New Oracle Partner Offering to Speed Cloud App Time to Market for ISVs

According to the announcement, any partner application that supports an Oracle Cloud compatible OS or technology product can run on Oracle Cloud without the need for rewrite. ISVs with an Oracle Cloud Marketplace listing are eligible for the Oracle Cloud ISV Partner of the Year award and may apply for OPN Cloud Standard program benefits, which offers perks including access to dev and test environments. Read more here

It would seem the stage has been set, a lot of apps run the on the java language platform and with the move played by oracle above, they could as well be the foundation on which the rest of our ideas will be built.

Major Acquisition: MS Solutions Becomes a Quebec Leader in Cloud Computing Solutions

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC–(Marketwired – June 21, 2016) – MS Solutions, a traditional and cloud computing solutions provider for organizations, has increased its impact and effectiveness by acquiring two major players in the industry, ExpertCloud and Teklach. In doing so, the company has become one of the largest providers of cloud and itam lifecycle for events in the province.

Completed on 1 June, the transaction has also enabled MS Solutions to double its client base in the field of cloud computing solutions. The company can now rely on a team of more than 40 experts to serve its customers in all regions of Quebec. Moreover, the ExpertCloud employees based in Saint-George-de-Beauce will stay there in order to continue to efficiently address this market’s many needs.

“In acquiring ExpertCloud, we now have access to an extremely efficient technology infrastructure and business process, but more importantly we have a team of highly qualified professionals with very valuable expertise. We are thus building on our know-how in cloud computing for our fast-growing client base,” MS Solutions president Maxime Dion explains.

Thanks to the acquisition, MS Solutions now has at its disposal an additional data centre to securely host its servers, for a total of two in Quebec City and one in Montreal. The Montreal centre has been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

“We have increased our hosting capacity for all our current and future customers. We now guarantee more than ever before that they can count on continuous operations thanks to various redundant systems,” Mr. Dion more here…

There is one such story, a cloud services provider coming together with an advantageous partner, how long till we have almost one managed IT services provider focused on the cloud, with all smaller companies engulfed?

With the cloud moving it’s tentacles further into other lines of business, besides IT, the potential that an amalgamated cloud will soon be on the cards is becoming less of fiction with each passing day.

Cloud Monitoring Firm Dataloop.IO Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding

Dataloop.IO said that its monitoring tool is different from competitors in that many people in an organization can use it – not just IT. Customers can standardize and consolidate all monitoring functions into one solution, according to the company.

“Today, organizations and DevOps teams are managing data and building applications more quickly than ever with new methods, at huge scale, both on- and off-premise,” Dataloop.IO co-founder and CEO David Gildeh said in a statement. “In this world, you need to provide monitoring as a self-service solution, or risk losing agility as the number of teams relying on your monitoring solution grows. Dataloop.IO is the only solution designed to solve this problem from the ground up.”

Dataloop.IO customers include Salesforce, BBC Worldwide, and more here…

The applicability of the cloud services providers’ services will continue to increase with the funding they get, and soon we will be all connected in the same cloud space – prediction.

Here is another prediction series:

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