More than ever before, companies are relying on external sources of expertise to handle specific requirements such as computer repairs and security services that would otherwise exert a lot of unnecessary pressure on their resident employees. As we progress further into 2016, more companies are adopting the cloud model of managed IT support Edmonton, making them a lot more flexible and confident when it comes to getting back to their feet in the event of a security breach. Managed services are quickly become the only way that businesses can scale without the associated costs that dragged speeds in the past.

A recent CompTIA publication reflected the many ways that companies can take advantage of the mushrooming managed services providers, some of these service providers have gone to become trusted partners guaranteed to deliver world class service for whatever the client requires, as long as they are focused on that service. This makes too much sense given how quickly technology is changing all play fields, a trusted partner is more likely to change along with their clients towards a more strategically discussed future.

After looking into the question of the type of service providers that are being sought out by companies in 2016, the CompTIA report revealed that most of the companies are looking for services in the range of troubleshooting and repairs on the lower tier of complexity, to the installation, implementation and integration of systems in pursuit of perfect work machines. Then more companies have been observed looking for cloud services for the obvious storage benefits and security enhancements that are triggered by the recent and still prevalent security breaches all over the world.

there is big money wherever such a research is plucked from the efforts of organizations such as CompTIA, close to 60-billion dollars are expected to be spent by companies in the next 3 years on the cloud section of the services that we hinted on in the last passage, making the entire industry a guaranteed money-minefield. Worldwide, there is an excited atmosphere, the IDC speculating close to 150-billion dollars spending going to the kind of businesses that offer services to other companies come 2019.

Looking at the most profitable of the sectors, cloud has a lot of appeal to companies given the advantages they all know reside from almost perfect implementation. From mobile integration of their business processes, taking work way deeper into newer horizons away from the desk and chair environment. Pb7 Research shows the potential in security as one of the largest drivers for companies to hunt for cloud services. No wonder many such companies are coming into existence no matter where in the world a reader is, and they have a lot of work expected of them. With the security of many businesses here researched and millions more standing vulnerable to the myriad of threats that have the ability to wipe everything off the face of the planet, customers are not in short supply, and ideas to correct the situation will come too.